27 Rare Photos Of The Old Wild West Decorated With Mind Blowing Facts: Can You Guess What The Child Mortality Rate Was Before They Turned 18? And How Much Life Insurance Cost Back Then?


Wild West, aka the Old West, is usually seen as an iconic and awesome part of American History. It was a vast territory that attracted thousands of pioneers in search of land, gold, better lives, and sometimes – escaping the law. The truth is, these were not good ol’ times.

It was rough, tough and not at all a laugh! There was no life insurance or health insurance back then, so you can imagine what it was like to get robbed or even kidnapped back then. Here are some of the most intriguing and incredible images from that bizarre period in history, accompanied by some facts that will surely blow your mind.

Afterlife Cactus

Olive Oatman, also known as the girl with the tattooed face, was supposedly marked with a blue ink cactus tattoo on her chin by Southwest Indians to ensure a good afterlife. Or was she? Olive claimed it was actually the mark of a slave since she was captured along with her sister at the age of 14 after the murder of their parents.  She has been held captive for almost five years (!). Although she was eventually released, it was not before she lost her sister due to starvation caused by the severe drought that year. 

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