27 Rare Photos Of The Old Wild West Decorated With Mind Blowing Facts: Can You Guess What The Child Mortality Rate Was Before They Turned 18? And How Much Life Insurance Cost Back Then?


The Wild West, also referred as the Old West, was an iconic part of the American history. It was located back in the 18th to 19th century on a non-precisely-defined territory, somewhere where today’s Western US countries are, encompassing the western part of Canada and Mexico. It was a pretty much wide territory to live in. And there were many Indian tribes forced to retreat in front of the European settlers who were coming in hordes. Do you know why is it called the Wild West? Who was wild there in the western part of the American continent at the beginning of the 19th century – the settlers, or the Indians, or someone else? Who were the people living there – just Indians and Europeans, or not? And what Europeans – British, Spanish, German perhaps? Let’s find out together, shall we?

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