10 Great Ways To Win The Heart Of Your Dream Girl


It’s not always easy to get the girl of your dreams. Like many other important tasks in life it requires perseverance, patience, and the realization that the perfect woman does not exist. Indian modern philosopher Osho once said: “If you want to meet the girl of your dreams, go to sleep”, and we couldn’t agree more. In case you found an amazing woman and you want to keep her close, here are 11 tips that will definitely help you.

Be The Kind Of Man You Would Like Your Daughter To Date

After all it comes down to just being human to one another, so why won’t you treat the girl of your dreams the same way you would like another person to treat someone close to you, like your daughter? Always appreciate her, never take her for granted and be kind no matter what

Keep Your Promises

There’s nothing hotter than a man who can keep his word, so make sure you do that, no matter what. The karmic law applies here – what you sow is what you reap, so if you want to progress in life and to get promises made to you kept, keep your own promises.

Take Her Out For Dinner


It could be a perfect setting for a romantic evening and a silent declaration of love. What more could someone ask from their significant other as a token of their love?

Talk To Her For At Least 5 Minutes A Day

We know that you are busy, but there are 1440 minutes a day, so donate at least 5 of them to her. It will be worth so much more – this way you’ll get to know each other better, and to let affection grow between you.

Be Confident, But Not Cocky

Confidence is very hot, but there’s a fine line between being confident and being delusional. Try to think what’s it like to be her watching you. If you get even a little bit uncomfortable, maybe it’s time to switch tactics.

Hug Her Tight

Make her feel like you’ll never let her go. Research has shown that a 20 seconds hug can release Oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that will make a person happy. So not only will you make her happy, you’ll get an immediate reward yourself!

Watch Her Favorite Movies With Her


Yes, even if it means watching Titanic all over again. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover some hidden gems hiding among the ruins of the century old ship?

Just Listen

Don’t wait for her to scream, open your ears. A good practice for a couple is to listen to the other person until they finish what they have to say, and then summarize it in a sentence.

Do Exciting New Things With Her

Turn your dates into adventures, not chores. Don’t do the same things though, really try to step out of your comfort zone and do things that both of you will remember for many years to come.

Make Her Feel Like She’s The Most Special Girl In The World

It’s usually not the words that matter, but the actions. So buy her a nice gift, show her you remember the special days (birthdays, anniversaries etc.), and just be there for her when she needs you to be. Also, look into her eyes and count your blessings. She will feel the positive energy heading her way.

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