Turning Off Days Into 5 Positive Lessons


The way of transition is not a road easily taken. Embarking on a new health lifestyle comes with many trials and errors, much like anything else in life – from careers to children and personal projects. Making mistakes along the way is quite natural and inevitable, and there is nothing wrong with that as it is always an opportunity to learn. It equips us with a much sharper perception so that we can steer ourselves away from the same mistakes. Our most vulnerable moments can alternatively become our strong points as we begin to shift our behaviors and attitudes instead of seeing weak moments as barriers to forging ahead. Mistakes are not taboo; we need to make better mistakes, be aware of what is happening and view the process as a lesson.

Here are some ideas to turn around your down days:

When you exercise first thing in the day, you are most likely to eat healthy foods directly after. This will lessen the likelihood of reaching for unhealthier options later. Similarly, before going out to dinner or an event, eat something small that will keep you full so you don’t reach for the first appetizer tray that comes your way.

Be mindful
Mindfulness while you eat helps to reprogram your approach to meals. It is all about being grateful and conscious of where your food came from while not rushing through the meal. Chew slowly and take your time, this will also assist in proper digestion.

Manage stress
When we are stressed, we can go from not eating a single bite to eating everything in sight. Be aware of the patterns and record them in a journal as they come about.

Share your goals
When you share your plans and goals with others, you will know that at one point or another they will ask you about your progress. You can alternatively tell just one person that you know will keep you on track so you feel more accountable with your actions.

Refocus your attention
When the urge sets in to indulge in something you know you shouldn’t, try to go out for a walk or busy yourself with something you love in order to dissolve the initial impulse.

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