27 Shocking Things Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know – Can You Guess How Many Times He Filed For Bankruptcy?


We’ve got to say that the recently concluded 45th U.S. election was one of the most controversial elections in the history. The results of the business tycoon and billionaire Donald Trump winning over secretary of State Hillary Clinton plunged the world into a turmoil and uncertainty.

But did you know that before Trump dominated the corporate world, his business had fallen in debt and he’d filed multiple cases of bankruptcy? 

His grandparents are immigrants

trump-donald-1Even before the election, Trump has been making noise in the world of politics especially on his stance about the American immigrants. He said he didn’t want an outsider, who was not a bonafide American citizen, to dominate his beloved country. America must only be ruled by Americans, nothing else. However, his take on the subject was somehow contradicting if you consider his ancestral background.

See, Trump’s grandparents originated from Germany, and later on, migrated to America. Not only that but Trump’s family had been lying about their heritage all these years! They claimed they were Swedish instead of German. Apparently, they were ashamed to have a German blood running through their veins, considering its vicious role in the Second World War. Pretty insane, right? But then again, this was not the most ridiculous thing Trump had ever done.

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