Top 10 Heart-Warming Photos Of Animals With Their Babies


We’re suckers of anything miniature. Nothing is more cute than mini-things. But when it comes to animals, and especially baby animals – well, that’s just something we can’t resist! These next 10 photos are sure to melt your heart, as they portray in the most charming way some wild animals with their adorable kids.

A Smile From Ear To ear

Just look at this baby polar bear; the little guy’s actually smiling! How cute is that? Makes it seem like fun to be carried by the ear, but we’ll leave it to bears.

Mother Ship

Ugly? These ducklings are super sweet! This mother is giving her baby swans the grand tour while keeping a very close eye on them, which is absolutely beautiful in our eyes.

Wait Up!

Awwww… Not sure if the little fellow is trying to keep up with his parent or simply entertaining himself. Either way – it’s adorable and we want one!

I’ll Just Lay Here…

We had no idea tiny armadillos are so cute! And what a fun way to travel the world, resting on top of your parent in a state of near-sleep! We couldn’t be more jealous.

Head On

Every parent should learn from this giraffe. Despite the huge height differences between them, the adult is lowering himself in order to meet his offspring at eye level! Now that’s good parenting!

An Island Of Faith

This is simply too much! Parent otter is becoming a bed, a boat and an island for the baby. Yet another thing we can learn from our fellow animals!

Baby Crib

OMG, this tiny squirrel looks like a fetus! No wonder his mother is preparing to put him to sleep in such a lovely padded bed.

Floating Away

We counted at least 10 mini-crocodiles on top of the grown-up’s head, and the sight of it is just incredible. It’s nice to see that such a massive reptiles are capable of being so gentle when it comes to their tiny ones!

Tiger Tongue

Wow! Look at that tongue! This cub is lucky to be showered by so much TLC, and getting a nice good clean at the same time as well. Sweet.

Emperor’s Trick

Nature has its own way of being smart, and these emperor penguins are simply doing what they know best. The babies stick together to keep each warm, while parents surround them and keep the cold out. Amazing collaboration to survive in extreme conditions! Respect.

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