13 Tips To Reclaim Your Morning & Gain Control Of Your Life


It’s a well known fact that the 1st impression is the one which will make the strongest and most lasting influence. While it’s usually regarded to people, it can also be said about your days. The way you start your day will influence the way that day will be experienced – if you want to have control on your life, you need control over your mornings, so here are 13 tips which will make your mornings, and thus your life, much better.

Plan Ahead

Your next day begins today, or more accurately, tonight. How you’ll go to sleep will help determine how the following day would be like, so it’s better to fall asleep knowing your lunch is ready, your clothes are organized and your bag is packed, and all you’ll need to do is pick them up on your way to work. A good practice to perform before going to sleep is closing your eyes and running through your past day. This practice will allow your mind to process the day’s events, and prepare for a good sleep and a better tomorrow.

Run Through The Past Day Before Falling Asleep

Consider Your Wake Up Time

6 AM. Or earlier. That’s the recommended wake up time for adult humans if they want to have a productive and well organized day, just from the mere fact the day will have more morning hours than evening ones. Of course, if you want to make the change, but are used to waking up much later, take your time and slowly readjust your wake up time, around 30 minutes at a time, until you’ll wake up at 6 AM naturally.

Turn Off Electronic Devices


Yep, any electronic device including your phone/laptop computer/tablet/whatever. The radiation those screens project might affect your sleep and cause insomnia. Also, anything you present to your mind prior to sleep might affect your dreams and the quality of your sleep, so it’s much better to read an uplifting and insightful book than binge watching The Walking Dead before bedtime.

Don’t Stress Out

The way you start your day will determine how the rest of it would look like, so make sure to take it easy upon opening your eyes, take a deep breath and smile. A good practice (which is considered to be both the easiest and the hardest to do) is to say “thank you” as soon as you wake up. To whom and what for? That’s up to you to find out.

Don’t Press Snooze


Snoozing excessively will re-start your sleep cycle, as some researches suggest, and will turn the beginning of your day to a groggy nightmare, which might take hours to recover from. Instead, set up your alarm clock to a reasonable hour which will allow you to wake up easily.

Set A Routine

A routine is a very crucial element to your day, and especially your morning. The human mind works great with routines, as it allows the mind to repeat the known, without spending too much energy on new projects, or different schedules. Make sure to build a healthy morning routine, and repeat it every day if you want to reap the full benefits of it. Of course, it’s good to break any routine once in a while, but try to do that on the weekends.

Don’t Email In The Morning

You’ve probably experienced the vortex which is electronic morning mails. Usually it begins with you telling yourself that you’ll only check it to see if there’s anything important, then you’re 2 hours late to work. Try to stay offline as long as you can, and know that if someone wants to tell you something important, most chances are they won’t use emails.

Don’t Watch Television

The same can be said about TV – just don’t. It’s basically a vicious black hole which will suck you in and spit you out while implanting misinformation, product placements, lies and fears which will cause you to worry more and feel less secure. It’s OK to watch high (and sometimes even mediocre or low) quality shows for entertainment, but try to do it later in the day, after the day’s work is done, but not straight before bedtime.

Get Moving

After you’re done with expressing your gratitude and not emailing, get up, brush your teeth, do Yoga, go for a run, whatever. Just make sure your body gets a chance to move, which will allow better blood circulation, better digestion, and better mood. So what are you waiting for? Get a move on baby!

Work On Your Passion Project

You don’t have to be Tony Stark, and it doesn’t have to be Iron-Man, but find out what’s your deepest heart’s desire and set yourself towards achieving it. Paint a picture, write a journal or short fiction or maintain your garden, just make sure you allow your soul to sing each and every day, even for 5 minutes. You will feel a tremendous change in the way your days will unfold.

Get Focused

As soon as you are done with your daily routine (which should be established by now) ask yourself: What can I do today to make this day better? How can I serve myself and others? What can I improve and how should I do it? Let the questions run through your head, watch the answers emerge without effort, and follow your heart’s guidance.

Don’t Ignore Family Members

Morning (and especially breakfast) is perfect for quality family time, as after work/school/etc. it might be more difficult to gather the family members and allow straight and honest conversation, so make sure you do your best to be mindful to your relatives in the mornings and observe how it makes your (and their) days much better.

Do Something Important At Work


You are probably not a Wolf, and most chances are you don’t work in Wall-Street, but as soon as you reach work make even the slightest advance in a milestone project instead of sinking into endless small multitasking, time consuming efforts which will drain all the great energy you’ve built so far. So keep up the good work and take pride in the fact that you’re on your way to success, one morning at a time.

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