13 Super Cool Facts About The Human Body


Humans spend a lot of time obsessing over the health of their body, how it looks, and how it performs. But do we actually know everything about our physical selves? No, far from it, and there are several things you would probably have a hard time even believing. Here are 13 facts about your body which will surprise you for sure!

The Power of Love

When you fall under that age-old spell of love, your body reacts big time. The brain will release a combo of neurotransmitters and hormones which are identical to those released by amphetamines. What happens next is an increase of heart rate, a loss of appetite, inability to sleep, and extreme excitement. Sounds unhealthy actually.


Don’t let anyone ever put you down for being a “dreamer.” Turns out that you may not be wasting so much time after all; in fact, you may be coming up with the next big idea: it is currently believed that people who dream a lot have a higher I.Q. than those who don’t. Dream on then!


If you don’t believe in evolution, stop reading. For those of you who accept that we humans have been slowly evolving for millions of years, well, here’s something to think about: 90% of the cells which make us “human” are actually mutations from the bacteria and fungi we came from and still mostly are!


Don’t be surprised if someone accuses you of being a semi-cannibal when you are biting into that banana: some 50% of human DNA is the same as a banana’s DNA. So next time someone calls you a nut, say “No! I’m actually a fruit!”

So Energetic

Talk about being hot! The amount of energy created by the human body within 30 minutes is enough to boil a gallon of water! We suppose there are those who produce even more heat and can boil water even faster; and they are truly “hot!”



This would be weird. Synesthesia is a condition in which people’s senses overlap so that you taste words and hear colors. So like if you see the color green, you will taste grass in your mouth. Depending on the color and your associations, this could potentially be wonderful or truly terrible.



When you have to pee for a long, long time, you could be wondering how your body stores all of that fluid. Well, thankfully (or hopefully) it does, and your bladder is the organ responsible for holding it. A full bladder can be the size of a softball!

Stomach Acid

The acid found within your stomach and used to digest food is actually powerful enough to dissolve a razor blade!  That explains the horrible feeling of heartburn! And, no, please do not swallow a razor blade to see if this is true; you will have problems long before it hits your tummy!

Ultraviolet Eyes

The human eye can actually see UV light! It is just that we have a filter on our eye lens which prevents us from seeing it. Some people have had this filter removed so they can detect ultraviolet light, but we’re thinking this is not a good idea given our sensitivity to UV.


A human nose can store 50,000 different scents, an unbelievable feat. What is even more incredible is that we use these “memory scents” to take us back in time; that is why when we smell a certain cookie being baked or a flower, we recall cooking with our grandma or playing in a field near our childhood home.

As Strong As A Man

Humans do not use use all of their potential strength in order to keep their tendons and muscles from getting injured. But an adrenaline rush when in danger will override this protection mechanism; then you see people perform incredible feats such as lifting boulders off of themselves and jumping huge distances. The force is with us!


Not entirely sure why anyone would tickle themselves as it is normally an interactive activity, hello. But if you have tried and been sorely disappointed that it failed, that is because it is impossible for humans to tickle themselves. Sorry.


People laugh at the idea that a man was actually able to climb up to Rapunzel by way of her head of hair, but in fact it may not have been so impossible. A full head of human hair can support 12 tonnes! We’re assuming that better be pretty damn healthy and thick hair.

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