8 Simple Tips To Stay Slim


You struggle with your weight but you still are downing the soda, spreading on the butter, and sitting at your laptop all day. There are some pretty easy choices in front of you to shed a few pounds and get healthy as well. And you may even find you are a happier human being! Take a look at these 8 easy tips.

Get Up Now!


Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health, period. Your circulation, metabolism and concentration will suffer, and quite frankly, so will your mood. It is important to take short breaks to get up and move around, take a walk or run an errand. And you will lose some calories while you’re at it too!

Smart Water

Anytime you are hungry and go to eat a snack or meal, first get yourself a glass of water and drink up. That one simple step will help fill your stomach and make you eat far less than normal. This way you will avoid overeating and stay hydrated as well!

Get A Dog

A University of Missouri study showed that that people who walked their dogs lost an average of 14 pounds in a single year! So get a dog and get out there! If having a dog isn’t your style, then simply try to commit yourself to a 20 minute daily walk or bi-weekly walks or jogs.

Declutter Your Fridge

If it’s there, you are more likely to eat it! So open your fridge and toss the junk: cream, milk, sweets, fast food, etc. Try filling your fridge instead with healthy colors and options in the form of veggies, fruits, lean meats, eggs and healthy dairy such as yogurt. And remember not to snack on those junk items on the way to the trash.

Spice Is Nice

A few simple herbs and spices can do wonders to any dish, especially if combined with a couple sprays of your favorite oil. And this approach is far healthier for you too. Most sauces are packed with sugars and artificial colors and flavors you should really stay away from, for your weight and well-being.

Feed Hungry Eyes

1 hungry

It’s sad that we humans are so easily fooled, but we are. Putting food on smaller plates makes our brains think we are eating more because it fills up the plate more! So satisfy the brain and spare the thighs! Using blue dinnerware can help as well because the color suppresses the appetite.

Real Humans Drink Water

Sodas and sports drinks are full of sugars, calories, colorings, and other chemicals you do not want in your body. And your waistline doesn’t want them either! These are not drinks but more like special treats you should equate to another slice of cake. You are 70% water, and that is what you should stick to when thirsty.

Spray It

It is a total ruse by oil companies to make you always pour way too much out every time you go to use it; and butter is not only far less healthy, it is also far more fattening! So go for oil spray and save yourself some money, a lot of mess, and some inches around the waist as well.

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