9 Reasons Why Sugar, Wheat And Vegetable Oils Are Killing You


Recent studies have shown frightening figures regarding the body’s aging process, heart diseases, cancer and many more problems and their connection with wheat, vegetable oil and sugar, most of which we eat on a daily basis. While some consider the “healthy” replacements to be a better solution, they are as bad as (if not worse than) the original hazardous food items.

Below are 9 reasons why you should stop eating sugar, wheat and vegetable oil immediately or at least try to minimize their consumption.


It’s widely known that sugar is not the best thing one can consume. While important to our body, most of the sugar we intake is mostly harmful and causes more damage than gain. It’s better to replace refined sugar with natural (and even better, organic) fruit, and get some minerals and vitamins while we’re at it.

Accelerates The Aging Process

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Sugar can cause fluctuations in the blood that cause Glycation, a hazardous process which accelerates the aging of organs, skin, joints and arteries, making us look much older than we really, and feeling much worse than we should.

Causes Type 2 Diabetes

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A long run sugar consumption can lead to a type 2 diabetes due to wearing out the pancreas and the sensitivity of Insulin, both crucial for breaking down the sugar molecules.

Slows Down The White Blood Cells

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The white blood cells in our bodies are the cells of the immune system, which means they are the body’s “guards”against diseases and infections. When they can’t function properly due to massive sugar consumption, the chances of infection are rising drastically and cancerous cells can form much more easily.

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