38 Smuggled Photos of North Korea – Human Rights Violations & Poor Health Insurance Create a Jaw Dropping Reality!


Welcome to North Korea, the land of figurative and literal darkness making it a mysterious island- frozen in time. Yes, it’s the land of dictators and unlimited restrictions. Not every outsider can visit North Korea until you have heavily regulated VISA – so heavily guarded with strict guidelines that it’s impossible for any information to leak out. Despite that, some photographers have risked their lives and managed to smuggle photographs from this country. The photographs give insight into the country’s occurrences, including oppression and drug, alcohol, and substance use.

The following rare photos provide a sneak peek into one of the most reserved countries in the world, and some of them are sure to just shock you. Want to discover some previously unknown facts about this enigmatic and beautiful country?

Click NEXT to see what’s going on in this mysterious country that their leader doesn’t want the world to know!

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