27 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Muslim – You Won’t Believe Who Went To Drug & Alcohol Rehab And Found God


Islam is one of the most popular religions in the world and about 23% of the planet, or 1.57 billion people, are Muslims. Because the religion is so widespread, combined with the fact that most people are not so outspoken about their beliefs, people are often surprised to learn how many celebrities are in fact Muslim. We all know that ‘’we are celebrity obsessed’’ and would go any limits to know every hard-to-talk-about topics…Here are the 10 most famous celebs who are Muslim, and we bet you didn’t know.

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Janet Jackson

You wouldn’t know that the popular singer, actress, and dancer Janet Jackson is now a Muslim. She converted when she married Wissam al Mana. Wissam is a billionaire, truly Janet fell in love with this guy not only because of his riches but also his looks. They’re expecting a baby soon, and clearly, both of them are excited. When she visits Qatar with Wissam, she doesn’t wear any make-up. Instead, she wears “Muslim clothing” and other Muslim attires. She said that she’s more comfortable wearing these kinds of clothes than her usual sexy apparels.

Janet Jackson is now a devoted wife. She has studied Islam and she’s in love with the religion. Gone are the “sexual fantasy” songs she used to write and sing. Islam has changed her life for the better. The days of dance moves with sexual lyrics are all gone. They are preparing for the baby, so they buy baby clothes and a crib. They’re so excited that they even decorated a room for their child. Janet Jackson has indeed changed, but everybody knows that it’s for the better. She’s one talented celebrity but at the same time, a servant of God.

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