You Had No Idea These 61 Celebs Are Battling HIV


The horrible HIV Virus took the lives of many and is still threatening many more. While some famous people have died from Aids (Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson), others keep on living with HIV for years. Here are some known celebrities who are struggling with HIV on a daily basis.

1. Chuck Panozzo


In 2001, The Styx co-founder surprised his fans by announcing that he was not only gay but was also living with HIV and AIDS. Panonzo announced that he was gay in 2006, it was difficult for him but he needed to get it out of his system. He’s also active in HIV awareness and gay rights. Panonzo also released his autobiography “The Grand Illusion: Love, Lies, and my Life with Styx”. He is now more comfortable and brave because he has “come out of the closet”. There are  a lot of “closet gay” people, but he was able to inspire these group of men.

Hence, they also came out of the closet. Panonozo is known for his band and music. He’s popularity in the 70s and 80s led him to many pleasures in life such as sex, drugs, and money. Sometimes too much popularity can make a person’s life miserable. It’s in the choices of everyday individuals, having AIDS isn’t that easy. Panonzo made a mistake by not being more careful, but he never gave up and he continues to fight it. Many people were inspired by his dedication against the disease. Instead of losing hope, they all fight to live their everyday lives.

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