This Incredible “Character Reader” Book From 1902 Will Completely Shock You!


What if you lived in an era where Phrenology was a widely accepted science? Would you consider yourself as a classic example of virtue on the basis of your head shape or would you let the lump on your head decide that you are a jealous soul? As a matter of fact, it’s both equally disturbing and fascinating when we take a glimpse through diagrams from the book Vaught’s Practical Character Reader, published in 1902. The book clearly judges our character, personalities, and intellect solely on the basis of predetermined size and shape of our brains and skulls! While it seems that people in the early 19th century might have got convinced with this pseudo-science, in 2017 it’s not that easy to digest. Still, it’s an unforgettable piece of writing narrating the psychology of that era and it’s worth checking at least once even if it’s for the laugh!!

Here you go ladies, this is how you can tell if your partner is cheating on ya:


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