9 Easy & Scientific Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You


They say you can never force someone to love you. However, there are things you can do which will certainly help guide a person to feel more deeply towards you! Here are 9 easy and scientifically proven ways to make that person you like fall in love with you eventually.

Be A Good Listener

When you listen to someone, that person knows you care about them and what is going on in their life. Even psychologists agree that this is essential in making someone fall in love with you. Asking questions and being compassionate are ways to show you are interested and makes other person feel appreciated.

Use Body Language Wisely

People often claim that how you say something is more important than what you have to say. Apparently your body language is even more crucial! Studies have shown that effective flirting is based on 7% content (what), 38% tone and manner (how), and 55% body language!

Be “Posturally Congruent”

1 postural congruence

This has a lot to do with mirroring and thus increasing empathy and association which brings about a greater comfort level between 2 people and, hopefully, increased intimacy. Though proper congruence cannot always be achieved in certain circumstances, it’s good to keep it in mind.

Maintain Eye Contact

Similar to the claim that mothers should maintain eye contact with their babies to increase bonding and later intelligence, it is said that those in love keep eye contact 75% of the time. Usually couples who never seem to look at each other are seen to be heading for a breakup. Intimacy is greater between those who like to look into each other’s eyes.

Touch More

Harvard University released a study citing the finding that people who touched each other more felt more overall satisfaction in their relationships. This makes sense as when you touch someone you are inviting them to trust you and be physical with you as well; this in turn makes the other party feel more comfortable and safe showing their intimacy towards you.


According to one study, 48% of those from failed marriages stated that there was no appreciation at home. That is, their partner never made them feel special or like a winner in anything they did. This type of constant lack of appreciation destroys any sense of love the neglected party feels.


There’s a reason people are always saying “Smile!” Turns out that smiling is a critical part of making someone fall in love with you, according to a Drake University study. When you are with someone who is confident and smiling, you in turn feel good about yourself and want to be with that person more.

Embrace Their Passion

1 passion

You don’t have to have all the same loves and hobbies, but it is important to empathize with another person’s passions and share with them whenever and however you can. Even just being happy for them or comforting when need be makes that person feel that you care about an important part of their lives, leading to greater trust and intimacy.


Sometimes, you just gotta quit. Timing is everything, and it can pay off to switch gears and start talking about a mundane topic for a while just to make the other miss the flirting and figure out a way to ask for more.

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