31 Children That Are Really Good For Nothing!! They Should Seek Rehab Treatment Or Psychiatric Care


Star kids are usually born with silver spoons unless their parents are abusive or don’t care much about them. Unlike most of us, many of the celeb kids haven’t had to put a lot of effort to earn their livelihood. Since they get everything they could possibly wish for,  some of the star kids just burn up a lot of money in alcohol and banned substance and finally get pretty much screwed up. Here are 31 celeb kids who are good-for-nothing and might need some assistance with drug and alcohol addiction rehab or for their mental problems.

1. Chet Hanks (Son of Tom Hanks)

It is a matter of shame and embarrassment for Tom Hanks that his son is addicted to banned substance. Chet got admitted to a drug rehab some time back. Before he checked in there, he even met an auto accident and faced charges for inflicting physical and emotional injuries.

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