27 Child Stars Who Turned Out To Be Extremely Attractive Adults – We Reveal Who Is Naturally Beautiful And Who Had To Undergo Gastric Band Surgery To Become Gorgeous


We often wonder what happened to child stars. Some disappear, some lose their luster, and others become eye-popping lookers with superstar credentials. Some of them are naturally beautiful and others had to undergo weight loss surgery to become attractive. Take a look at these 27 Hollywood kids who made growing up look so easy and beautiful!

Lindsay Lohan


It may be hard to believe, but Lindsay was once known as the hardest working actress at Disney. Most famous for her role in the remake of The Parent Trap, the adorable red-head had a slew of movies. As an adult, Lindsay has proven a stunning beauty and has challenged herself with more dramatic and mature roles.

A lot of questions has come up about her rapid weight loss. Just last year, she had a beautiful figure that left tongues wagging. Now, the light seems to be going down on her figure. Sources note that her drooling figure is not the result of an eating disorder, but a serious addiction of drugs and diet pill abuseHer transition has proven to be difficult for her private life, and the verdict is still out on her future in Hollywood. But this starlet does have talent as well as good looks.

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