Celeb’s Attorney At Law Busy With Wills & Mortgages: 51 Famous People Who Died & You Had No Idea


When someone passes without leaving a will, the person’s family and other people close to him ask themselves questions like “what will happen to the house?,” “who gets that beach property?”. But even if there’s a will prepared somewhere by the appointed lawyer, when a celebrity dies his relatives have to handle the enormity of the estate. For example, the high maintenance lifestyle of the family, and the huge publicity that is forthcoming after the death. As you’re about to take a look at 51 celebrities who moved on to the afterlife, you’d wonder how their attorneys handled their earthly possessions and accountabilities.

Jonathan Brandis

8Jonathan Brandis

Brandis started as a child model before becoming an actor on television and film. He became famous for starring in the supernatural horror series IT by Stephen King. He became a favorite of teenage girls when he took on the role of Lucas Wolenczak on seaQuest DSV. Sadly, he took his own life by hanging himself when he was just twenty-seven years old.

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