Celebrities Attorney At Law Busy With Wills: 51 Famous People Who Died & You Had No Idea


When someone passes without leaving a will, the person’s family and other people close to him find themselves in a situation where they mourn the death and worry about what’s left behind. Questions like “what will happen to the house?,” “who gets that beach property?,” or “what will happen to the children’s future?” are just some of the concerns that come out in the open. But even if there’s a will prepared somewhere by the appointed lawyer, the anxiousness of the family is not dissolved until it’s known for sure what the deceased has “decided” to do after the passing. Take a look at 51 celebrities who moved on to the afterlife without so much as a fanfare.

Chris Penn

1Chris Penn

The former child actor who happened to be Sean Penn’s brother had an acting career that spanned twenty-seven years. Although he had a history of substance abuse, his death at the age of 40 was attributed to his heart condition.

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