43 Celebrities Who Became Monsters – Drug & Alcohol Rehab Wake Up Calls


Every day, hundreds of thousands—even millions—of people are admitted in rehabilitation and drug treatment centers. Celebrities are no exception. In fact, there has been a lot of celebs going in and out of addiction rehab centers that’s it’s no longer surprises anymore.

But what is surprising is to see how much drugs, alcohol and other addictive behaviors have transformed these gorgeous stars into horrible looking creatures. Hopefully, these 43 celebrities that have been disfigured by their addictions can be a warning for everyone to think twice.

Brigitte Bardot


Back during the prime of her life, Brigitte was very much like a living Barbie doll. Today, she has become a grumpy and scary old woman that thrillers are made of. Her attachment to her cats completes the whole package.

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