5 Reasons To Always Stay Hydrated


Our bodies are composed of 70% water by volume and it goes without saying that hydration is necessary to keep all our systems running smoothly. Staying hydrated benefits our skin, metabolism, digestion, bladder and helps fight signs of fatigue.

1. When we don’t drink water, our blood become viscous which causes the heart to slow down. When blood isn’t pumped out to our tissues as efficiently, oxygen is depleted which makes us feel fatigued.

2. Our skin is made of an acid mantle that is made up of water and oil. When we become chronically dehydrated, our skin’s cellular integrity becomes diminished and can bring about dry, cracked skin. To make up for this, sebum production increases which can lead to congested, acne-prone skin. What’s more, chronically dry and inflamed skin can speed up the process of wrinkling, particularly in the absence of essential fatty acids in the diet.

3. Water keeps our digestive system well-tuned and prevents constipation. It is a well-known fact that lack of water and fiber in the diet can lead to hardened stool and digestive problems.

4. Drinking water creates a feeling of satiety. It is advised to drink water 1 hour before a meal and 1 hour after a meal in order to not over-dilute gastric juices.

5. Water helps keep joints fluid. As the padding around cartilage and joints is mainly made of water, staying hydrated keeps them functioning at their optimum, particularly during exercise.

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